1. Please continue to keep Pastor Mike's health in prayer. Recent tests have revealed that he has suffered multiple heart attacks over the last year.

2. Mike and his wife, Stella are planning a bible land trip. Pray for their safe travels, and that the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of their hearts to a fresh realization of the power of the cross, as the bible comes alive to them through this tour.

3. Pray that the more missionaries are able to be sent into the field in the Philippines.

4. Let us continue to pray for restoration of relationships and marriages as the Lord turns the hearts of the fathers to the children.

5. Pray that souls come to Christ, and produce much fruit, as the Lord brings the increase of the seed that is planted in their hearts.

6. Pray that believers remain steadfast during this time of global persecution.

7. Marasilla needs continued prayer for health issues.

8. Please pray for Dale's eyesight to be restored, and for his and his wife's walk in the Lord to be strengthened.

9. Please pray for Ty's health situation, and that he finds a church family to fellowship with.

10. Pray for Latrice's daughter, who is pregnant.

11. Please pray for those who are oppressed, both in America, and abroad.

12. Pray for the united States, and the upcoming election.

13. Please pray for Marie's reunification with her daughter, and that God continue to grant her wisdom and direction.

14. Pray that IFOF would be a fertile ground that brings forth  much fruit.

15. Please pray that the Lord blesses Craig's ministry vision, and brings co laborers to assist him.

16. Pray that Stonecroft Ministries would continue to reach women worldwide through their programs, and that the fruit remain.

17. Please pray that the Lord continues to bless E.P.I.C. Ministries, the ministry founded by Marie.