Ms Maria Rosalina


    Good day to everyone! Wow! Thanks to Our God Almighty, God the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit. God  is so good and  great!  Without  God , we have nothing. 
          As an IFOH- Associate Director in charge here in Cebu I need to submit our yearly report of what we did in the mission and to follow the request of our IFOH- Director. So as a start sharing again my work in this mission helping somebody especially to those people who are badly needed assistance both physical,  mental ,spiritual and financial aid. As usual I am helping indigent family having physical problems by bringing   them to the doctor and have had a check up and also helping them from their doctor's prescription the medicines that they can not afford to buy especially this time, the prices are so high.   I bought medicine from IFOH finance for their daily in take, Our patients were having different kinds of sickness: Heart and high blood pressure problem, vision problems, Sinusitis , Tonsillitis, Asthma,  Dental,  Coughing and with Fever. One of our patient who had a worst situation before of his health problem, thanks be to God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ, now he is living normal in physical health although we keep giving him the maintaining pills daily  for his BP medicine as his doctor's  prescribed. The other person who's having problem with his eye, I brought them to the Eye doctor  for check up One has a very severe situation of his eyes its too late when we rescued him we gave him several bottles of eye drops, we HOPE and PRAY that the Miracle of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ will touch his eyes and someday by God's will his eye vision will be back  again, and the other one needs eye glasses, so I bought an eye glasses for good seeing and for reading, Thanks to the IFOH   support without YOU! We can not buy something important what we really need in our life especially  the medicines for daily maintaining for good health. Also the sinusitis patient and the tonsillitis  patient I brought them to the doctor's for check up and bought medicines for their relief and thanks God they are now cured. Also a woman having problem with , we went to the OBGYNE we did the check up and made the laboratories  and thanks God the result was negative its just normal and having a light infection we bought antibiotic as the doctor's prescribed  and now shes well and good. Thanks be to God! 
       Lately there's an incident happened that one man had been attacked by his very high-blood pressure, and he was brought by his kids to the hospital,  and it was so sadness by his family because of the hospital bill and especially the medicines very expensive and they can not afford to buy. His situation was tough the doctor showed to his family about the result of his CTSCAN that he has a blood clot of his brain. The doctor explained to the family of the patient that if the medicine doesn't work then he needs a surgery. But now, thanks be to God .He is having a fast recovery before he even didn't  know his name and cannot do his signature, but this time, Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ! HE is the best healer, the patient can speak now and do sign a document. And the family thanking so much at first most of all to GOD, the IFOH family with prayers and financial support (paid the hospital bill bought all the med's) made the 95% helped, so  he survived, but until this time he still needs a daily maintenance of his oral  medicine good for 2months observation up to six months. 
        About  those people that have a mental problem, unwise, but not  really foolish they're just doesn't  know to handle  what to do for themselves instead of praying and asking God's help and guidance they ran to vices which is drinking liquors and drugs and at the end they committed a big mistakes of their lives and some of them are put into prison.  What I did also together with the IFOH director, we encourage them to renew themselves asking God's help and grace to our dear LORD GOD. Giving  them OUR LOVE by doing a special trip to visit them and have meeting with them . During that jail visit we brought something useful for them like, shoes , t-shirts, bath and laundry soap,toothbrush and tooth paste, one guy was asking liniment so I bought him as what he asked, we brought bread from outside before we get inside the jail and bought soft drinks too inside the jail to patronized their business to help them. I went  and joined with the AA group meetings several times in the jail, to give them support of my Presence and Time .(this is the only treasure I can give, my TIME).While on the meeting  the AA group taught them to Pray and bringing  them words of Encouragement to change sharing each other of their  different life experiences,  and in silence too I prayed  with myself  that each one will be touched by the Holy Spirit and be having enlightenment as soon as when they will be free from the jail, they will become  more stronger to do good things, fear with God and to learn to love each human being and not to be harmful.
         I went to HK  meeting with my boss to observed. I attended countless AA meetings here in Cebu, lately few months ago he decided to have the workshop, in different places here in the Philippine Island 1st  in Baguio City  we went there and he was the Speaker, several people attended the 2 days seminar then more than 20 persons graduated with id's after their graduation we went with the group  having our dinner in a very good restaurant and then we had fun we continue our bonding in the group  like as a real family as brothers and sisters in a KARAOKE room each one of us sung of different songs without alcoholic drinks only coffee, tea and juices while singing, laughing lots of fun  within a couple hour, after that we went home late at night and slept, on  the next  day we left Baguio.2nd   in Ozamiz City  also 30 plus who finish the seminar, after the seminar we ate also our dinner in their finest restaurant before we left and back home to Cebu,  then the 3rd  in Cebu City were about 20 people plus  and then after the seminar I observed  and felt that they were touched and learned a lot of more ideas to change their values ,the most important are the words of encouragement to encourage them to change their lifestyle.
          About the sponsored IFOH- Cebu kids we are so proud of them, they're doing the good job of their studies in school, they got a high rating of their grades and most of them are honors and got received their awards during their recognition day on different schedule of time and day. Only 2 had no award of honors. By the way our Cebu IFOH- kids : 1 boy and 1 girl =2  graduated in high school with awards of honors, the boy graduated as a  7th honors . The girl was awarded as a Creativeness. One boy 3rd year high school no award. Three Elementary graduates have awards 2 girls and 1 boy. One girl in grade 2 no award. One girl in grade 1 has awarded of most Polite. One graduated in kinder 4th honors. There  are students in Cebu sponsored by IFOH. 
         We had a feeding party, last December  we cooked pospas(porridge with chicken meat, &spices) we had grilled hotdogs with marshmallows and chocolate  biscuits, candies , juice and spaghetti, so lots of Fun! The IFOH kids enjoyed a lot with the neighboring children playing different games in the payag ground, like badminton, skipping rope, sack race, filling the bottle of water- the first group who can do filled the bottle with water  first  be the winner., tomato dance, and many others, the children were so happy and also some of their moms too who joined us the party they ate also of what food  we served for them,  we have had full of joy serving them and also sometime I joined their games, ha ha ha  thanks God for the joy and the opportunity to serve them. We invited  also the IFOH-LEYTE kids to come to Cebu City and they came and stay in our payag, only 3 of them (all girls)  who got their school awards , as a prize of their hard work in school the IFOH Director gave them a back and forth expenses  especially the boat fare, when they arrived in Cebu City the IFOH Director brought them to one of the big dinning place in Cebu for dinner and let them tried to eat the Italian food that they never had tested before then on the following day we brought them to Argao, and there, they played  badminton. On the following day early in the morning, we went to a mountain climbing, the view  so beautiful its over looking the ocean, the children were impressed  the location. And  then going back from the mountain, we did proceed  touring in town of  Argao, while on our way we stopped at the house of  IFOH director's friend, then he invited us all to go with him swimming the ocean where his residence was there, then he gave us the life jacket for the kids snorkel, shoes to protect our feet from the sea urchin. The children enjoyed so much and had  more fun, while soaking the ocean, and we proceeded to the swimming pool. Then we bid goodbye to our director's friend, and  catch up  to the  place where the monks living and very well-known place here to the people where mother Mary's church is  located, that most of the people going there asking favors of prayers, especially those people asked  with having  depth faith and miraculously healed. And there, we arrived too late and it was almost 6pm and about to close. Then we ask favor from the guard  that we will just see the beauty of the place, and he allow us, we saw the big chapel inside for a while were all standing inside close to the gate and just  said a short prayer thanking God for the beautiful gift in life the happenings and joy all the graces we received. Then we left there.We bought  burgers and Torta (the specialty of Argao.). sooo.. delicious!The next day we went to the Nature's Park where there's  a zip line, we walked on the canopy  bridged about  more or less 20 mtrs height., we showed them a mini zoo ( you can see the snakes, different kinds of small and big birds in their cages, rabbits, monkeys,  and many other kind of animals ) then we bought shakes  and served for us of different flavors like banana and mango banana with choco, after that sight seeing we proceeded to the playground and the kids enjoyed playing the swing, slides and many others. Then going home back to payag.
           And this coming school year opening of classes we will be sponsoring again another group of scholars.. One she will take her Master Degree of Education, she is a good teacher having 2kids also at elementary grades and she's separated with her husband and she's very eager to complete and  finish her ambition but no enough  financial to support herself  so the IFOH do help her. One guy graduated Valedictorian  who will study Accountancy but  his parents cant afford their tuition fees and miscellaneous in school . Another girl 2 girls to be in 4th year high school this year opening of classes , One had been awarded first honors, best in Math, best in Filipino, best in Food Trades, she wanted  to finish her studies without her parents support , as of now shes working and at the same time schooling -self supporting .The other one too had  been awarded 7th honor. Her dad has passed away and her mom having another family, she wanted to finish her studies so that she can help her siblings studies  too. 
           As of now the IFOH- Cebu will shoulder the school expenses for :  1 college Masteral Degree in Education, 1 college Accountancy , 1 college 3rd yr HRM, 1 college Computer Engineering, 1 college Information Technology, 2 in 4th year , 2 in 3rd year , 1 in 1st year and 4 in Elementary grades.(2 =grade 3  and 2 =grade 2)  I keep praying wishing and hoping that we will be successful of our mission helping these children to achieve their goals of good education. from 1 master education, college, high school and elementary grades.
          Thank you so much to all who are concerned and made a big help in this Mission. Without “You”! Whose helping us now, we can not do this great work! May God bless you more and more blessings not only Financial but both in Physical- good health condition, Spiritual and Emotional having peace of mind  and Love in family relationship to every human being in different race. May the blessings of our dear Lord God the Father in heaven showers more “TREASURES” with “YOU ALL”  like a stream flowing everyday by not withering.  
           GOD BLESS US ALL....!!!