Ms. Au-Au 

     As Associate Director in charge of IFOH Leyte, this is another year of rendering the activities done in Leyte. Having a responsibility is a big task, But when you see  how kids looks like when they received something, even a small thing, example lollipop you can see how wide is the smiles are. Then education is important because there are some advantages in life if we or each and everyone of us has done or have a degree in college. Good education can have good opportunities in the society. Because companies hires persons who finished or have a college degree.        

    As year comes IFOH kids keep increasing. Last year, there are 11 pupils, 1 in grade three, 4 in grade four,5 in grade five and 1 in grade six. They are all passed in their levels. Mayla who is in her grade five is the first honor in her class. She got best in Math,Math competition in other school special award being 2nd place.Eliany a grade five pupil got an award as most loyal in her class. Angel a grade four pupil  is the first honor in her class,most diligent, and most obedient.       
    All the kids are provided with all the requirements in school such as uniforms,(top and below)briefs,belts,socks,sandos,ponytails,sandals,slippers,raincoats,shoes,panties,school bags,notebooks,erasers,paste,pencils boxes,construction papers, envelopes,folders, fasteners, cartolina,manila papers,papers and many others. They provided other shirts,shorts,dresses for girls,skirts,shorts,belts,sunglasses,wallets,hairbands,coin purse etc. We did received sacks of rice too,groceries like noodles,spaghetti,spaghetti sauce,can goods like corned beef,sardines, sausage,meat loaf,sugar,toothpaste,toothbrush,milk,juices,laundry soap,bath soap, shampoo, deodorant,oil,vinegar,msg,salts and many more. 
    Groceries and rice are always provided every visit of Sir Mike in Leyte. Sometimes if kids can't go to school because they don't have rice. I did gave them rice so that they can attend to school and sometimes gave snacks especially if like grading examination that they will not going at home at noon as usual. All projects in school will be provided including floor wax,flowers,banana fruit,cloth,sewing materials,soft broom,brooms.IFOH Pupils who are competing to another school like Math, Poem, Science & Sewing competition will be provided fare allowance, snacks, food sometimes. It is worthy because they got an award or being placers. Christmas party kids provided food,drinks for the party and for exchanging gifts in school. IFOH personal computer  kids used for researched for their assignments in school. Mayla learned  how to searched her assignments and the basics ones. This year kids keep active in any outside activities in school and in school activities too. 
    Starting in November 2010 IFOH kids teaching older and young kids how to pray the rosary in our house to house rosary at 4:30pm everyday. We have had a visitor from IFOH college student from Cebu City by teaching the self defense sport Arnis to IFOH kids and they learned a few moves and they practiced at free time at noon sometimes. In their recognition day they will provided all the needs and payments especially those who got an award that they donated amount of money for the occasion. 
    All of the IFOH kids got a shopping for dry goods and groceries with rice for the success they got in school. IFOH kids who got an honors and special award was treat for a trip to Cebu city of being doing so well in school.. WE did visited many places like in Argao, Natures Park we passed the hanging bridge and lots of fun,seems scary but we are all happy and enjoy,we saw many different animals like rabbit in any kinds, snake, many love birds,eagle and many others. We drink fruit shakes then went to the sliding board & play there in the park. We went to  restaurant whom we have had to passed the bamboo bridge its in the ocean. We go swimming in the ocean and in the pool whom We did really enjoy the  places that we are all first time. And in Simala in Cebu that we visited Mama Mary pilgrim. WE did have had a wonderful time in our trip in Cebu a lots of fun and very adventurous.
        As in charge in IFOH Leyte I am so thankful to God for giving the gift of life to us, and to those who help us here the people from United States of America and other places who are so generous by sharing their blessings to us so that we became good citizen through given us education. 

Thank you very much.... Good day, Good luck, God bless you all and your family and love ones.

Sincerely yours,

Aurea Maskarino,
IFOH Leyte in charge